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         I am an artist who lives and works in Cleveland Ohio. I was born in Denmark but have lived in the United States for most of my life. I am a graduate of Antioch College. I am also an Army veteran who served in S. Korea and in the 82nd Airborne Division.
 Nature presents itself in a dizzying array of organic shapes and structures. From the graceful spiral arms of galaxies to the nebulous webs created by tree roots, to the hexagonal geometry of honeycomb – the structures of nature are wondrous creations where beauty meets function, and the repeating of simple patterns enigmatically give rise to complexity. As an artist and observer of natural occurrences, my ceaseless goal is to unlock the mysteries of natural structures. Whereas some artists paint a two-dimensional representation of a bush, flower, or other naturally occurring element onto canvas, my work instead deconstructs such elements, extracting from them their inherent qualities, so as to later recreate these qualities by means of capturing and presenting the essence of their magical form and poetic beauty. Natural structures act as springboards for my aesthetic imagination, out of which explodes a plethora of exotic and alien looking forms which are stunningly beautiful and subtly complex.
My exploration of natural structures has also given rise to an investigation of color, texture, and material. My use of color, texture, and material are unconventional and stem from years of experimentation and careful observance of natural phenomena. Examples of my unconventional use of material can be seen in my use of salt and oatmeal as not only a means to absorb dye, but also as a means to create wonderful organic looking textures. I also use a myriad of up-cycled household items, recycled materials, and found items which I deconstruct and later use as building materials in my organic looking sculptural pieces. The vibrant colors inherent in my work rely very little on paint to achieve their boldness, instead, the vibrancy of my colors are attained through the use of many different types of dyes. I also allow nature itself to sculpt my work, for I often use fire as a means to create spontaneous organic shapes. In using nature as a sculptural tool, my work captures a snapshot of the particular conditions which were prevalent on the day my work was created. For example, on windy days the fire I use to sculpt with tends to be more chaotic and hence, harder to control. This leads to organic looking sculptures which are more frenzied and disjointed. My work therefore, not only captures the will of the artist, but also encapsulates a brief history of natural conditions.  
In summation, my work grapples with how complexity is created out of simple shapes, showcases the structural qualities inherent in nature, is a study in the use of unconventional materials, and lastly, my work explores, through the repetitive process of labor, the relationship between monotonous work, skill, and the haphazard and organic ways in which forms take shape.

List of Art Shows

--Tall Walls: Cleveland West Art League. Cleveland Ohio. Oct. 2014.
--Invasive Biomes at MadLab gallery. Columbus Ohio. July 11th- Aug 2nd. 2014.
 --Impossible Gardens II at Studio 2091. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. June 2013.
 --May Show at Lakeland Community College. Kirtland, Ohio. May- July 2013.
 --Collinwood Artist Residency Program. Collinwood, Ohio. March-June 2013.
 --Impossible Gardens. Translations Gallery. Canton Ohio. April 2013.
 --OhioArt League Curated Exhibition (curated by Dennis Harrington). Riffe gallery. Columbus Ohio. Jan. 31- April 14, 2013.
 --Discarted: recycled art exhibition. West Woods Nature Center. Chardon Ohio. Jan.26 – March 2013.
 --Collinwood Storefront Competition. Collinwood Ohio. Dec. 2012 – Jan. 2013.
--Pittsburgh vs.Cleveland show at the Zaller building. Collinwood Ohio. June 2012.
 --Spring Show at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Curated by the Ohio Art League. Columbus Ohio. June 2012.
--May Show at Lakeland Community College. Kirtland Oh. 18 May – 20 July 2012.
--Controversy art show at Zaller gallery. Collinwood Oh. Dec. 2011. 
--Mimesis: Sculptural works by Jonah Jacobs and Rebecca Cross. Survival Kit gallery. Cleveland oh. Sept – Nov. 2011.
--Lonesome No More presents: 16 Interpretations of Ken Nordine’s Colors. Pink Eye gallery. Cleveland Oh. April -March. 2011.
--Transformations art show at Pop Up Art Gallery. Collinwood Oh. Feb. 2011.
--Lonesome No More art show at Oakland Art Center. Youngstown Oh. Feb. 11th-18th 2011.
--Un-natural Selections (solo show) at Studio 2091. Cuyahoga Falls Oh. January 7- 28th. 2011.
 Lonesome No More art show at Wall Eye gallery. Cleveland Oh. Oct. 2010.
 --Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition at the Cox Center for Arts. Columbus Oh. August 2010.
(Won an Ohio Arts Council award for artistic excellence in fiber arts.)
--Artmart at Spaces gallery. Cleveland Oh. April 2010.
 –Fragmentation: Seed, Spore, and Polyp at William Rupnik gallery. Cleveland oh. 44103 22 Jan. - 14 Feb. 2010 (First major solo show.)
 Select pieces on view at Lava Lounge. Tremont Onio. Nov. 2009.
 –Erie Prom art auction at Spaces gallery. Cleveland Ohio. Nov. 2009.
 –DiscARTed (recycled art exhibition) at the West Woods Nature Center. Russell Ohio. Nov. 2009- Jan. 210.
 –$50 Dollar Hollar at the Pop Shop gallery. Lakewood Ohio. June 2009.
  –4th Anniversary Show at the Pop Shop gallery. Lakewood Ohio. May 2009.
 Artmart at Spaces gallery. Cleveland Ohio. April. 2009.
 –“Green” art show at the Brecksville center for the arts. Brecksville Ohio. April-May. 2009.
 Untitled solo show at The Enclave. Willoughby Ohio. Nov.-Dec. 2008.
--Sensory Feast at 2nd April gallery. Canton Ohio. Sept. 2008
 –Blasphemy show at Doubting Thomas gallery. Tremont Ohio. Aug.-Sept. 2008.
 –The Bad Apple show at the Pop Shop gallery. Lakewood Ohio. June-July 2008.
 –Your Work 08 at Utrecht Art Supply. Cleveland Heights Ohio. June-July 2008. Won the Community Award at this event.
 -The Rule of Three show at Pop Shop gallery. Lakewood Ohio. May-June 2008.
 –Lake County Creative Artists Association show at Lakeland Community College Fine Arts gallery. Kirtland Ohio. May-June 2008. Won 2nd place award in Mixed Media.
 –Apollonova AAA show at Pop Shop gallery. Lakewood Ohio. April-May 2008.
 --ArtMart at Spaces Gallery. Cleveland Ohio. March 2008.
 –P.S. I Love You show at Pop Shop gallery. Lakewood Ohio. Feb-March 2008.
 –Apollonova A2 show at Asterisk gallery. Cleveland Ohio. Jan. 2008.
 –Raw Umber Presents: Layered Journeys at the Malone Building, Akron Ohio. Dec. 2007.
 Halloween show at Pop Shop gallery, Lakewood Ohio. Oct-Nov. 2007.
 Bottle Rocket at Pop Shop gallery, Lakewood Ohio. June 30 th to July 29th. 2007.
 Your Work 07 at Utrecht. Cleveland Heights Ohio. June 2007
Pop, Drop, and Roll at Pop Shop gallery, Lakewood Ohio. May 19th to June 23rd 2007.
 -Artmart at Spaces Gallery, Cleveland Ohio. March 2007
 -Art at the Center. A collaborative effort between the Polish-American center and Spaces Gallery, Cleveland Ohio. September 2006.
 --Artmart at Spaces Gallery, Cleveland Ohio. March 2006.
 --June Art Review (JAR) at the Galleria, Cleveland Ohio. June-August 2006.
 --Salon Des Refuses at the Galleria, Cleveland Ohio. (This show was part of Cleveland’s first annual Ingenuity Festival). Sept. 2005

Awards, Accomplishments, and Organizations

--Awarded a rare three month Residency in Collinwood Ohio from March until June of 2013. During this residency six artists were awarded space and a stipend to create art in an under-utilized apartment building. All of the artist’s work was on display during the annual Collinwood art festival.  

--In August 2010 I won an Ohio Arts Council award for fiber arts at the Cox Center for arts in Columbus Ohio.

--3rd solo show at MadLab gallery and theater. My work was personally chosen by the Ohio Art League for their first show at MadLab to feature a member of their organization. The Invasive Biomes show was seen from 11 July until Aug. 9th.

--2nd solo show at Studio 2091 in Cuyahoga Falls. The show was up from January 7th to January 28th. This show was the first time two of my most significant pieces were shown side by side. The pieces were Polyp #1 and Input/Output. Also on display was an installation piece that consisted of thousands of pieces that formed a free flowing organic looking structure that spanned almost the entire length of the gallery.

–First major solo show at William Rupnik gallery in Cleveland. The show was up from January 22nd - February 14, 2010. Almost two years in the making, this show featured several large scale installation pieces and several medium sized organic looking compositions. This show not only showcased my current abilities as an artist, but also hinted at the scope and complexity of future installation pieces.

--In Sept. 2011 had a dual show at Survival Kit gallery in Cleveland with Kent State professor Rebecca Cross.

--In 2013 and 2014 my work was chosen for the highly respected May show at Lakeland Community college. On average there are over seven hundred pieces of art work submitted for this show with only around eighty pieces being chosen.
–In the past few years I have participated in close to fifty shows.

Won the “Community Choice award at the 2008 Utrecht “Your Work” show.

Won 2nd place in Mixed Media at the Creative Artists Association at Lakeland Community College Fine Arts Gallery. 2008.

--For the Pop Up gallery “Transformations” show in Collinwood Ohio, my art and a brief interview of me was featured in the following video:

– In cooperation with the Pop Shop gallery in Lakewood, I was featured in a video which showed me creating an art piece over a twelve hour span. This was later condensed into a two minute long video. The intent of this video is to educate viewers about the intricacies and the process of how I create my art. You can view it at:

--Member of the Ohio Arts League from 2012 to current.

Member of Roy G Biv cooperative art gallery in Columbus Ohi from 2012 to current.

--Member of the Cleveland West Art League 2014 to current. 

--Member of the Northcoast collective travelling art group. June 2010 to 2011.

–Was a member of The Creative Artists Association from 2008-2009.

–Been a member/associate member of the Apollonova art group since 2007.

–Was a member of the Artisans Alliance from 2009 to 2011.

--Was a featured artist on the website:

--Northcoast Collective’s Youngstown show was featured in the local newspaper and on the following website:

--A picture of one of my art pieces along with a brief description of my artwork was featured in the Sun News. The article concerned the April “Green” art show at the Brecksville center for the arts. The article can be viewed online at:
--A picture of my installation piece Input/Output was featured in an article in the Falls News Press. In this article there was also talk of my recent solo show “Un-natural Selections.

–I currently have artwork on display on over a half dozen websites.   

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