Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Temporary Install

The following pictures are from a work in progress.

A small selection of what will be a larger install placed in various parks around Northeast Ohio. This setup is just a trial run which was set up on my back porch in late Winter of 2012.

Angled top down view of some of the brighter orange pieces. 

Two Close up views.

The top three pictures were taken at critter eye level.

Info: Temporary install on my back porch. This install showcases how these pieces look before putting the final coatings of sprays and matte medium on them. I tend to like them better at this stage than when finished, but without the sprays and matte medium I am afraid they will deteriorate. I am hoping to use hundreds if not thousands of these pieces in a larger install some day. 

They are made from layers of cardboard glued together, paint, various salts, dyes, plaster, and talus. Copyright 2012. 


  1. critter eye level indeed. very inspiring.

  2. Sometimes I wish I could shrink myself so I could see my art tower over me as if I were an ant. It would definitely seem like an alien world.